Meme is a simple interpreted language I built using lex and yacc.

It started out with the goal of being a replacement formula expression language for MadCalc, but instead it turned into my extended language writing self-tutorial. It has all the crucial data structures, but has had absolutely no performance optimization of any kind. It also has fairly simple scoping for things. Everything is either global or local basically.

Meme Grammar


Here is an example Meme program that counts lines, words, and characters in the input:

And here is a very simple example of file I/O in Meme: file.src

View the Source

Here is a link to browse the source: Browse meme.tar.gz


And here is a link to download all of it: Download meme.tar.gz

Eventually I may get around to improving it to support some object type structure and adding some more sane variable scoping. Also, it could really use some more optimization(read redesign the implementation) for speeding it up.